my story

Newly formed art business Kaleidoscope by Corey Leigh (kbycl) is Melbourne based and marks a new creative venture for owner Corey. Having spent years in hairdressing, where a sense of design concepts are critical, it’s only been in past few years that I’ve identified and acknowledged my true aesthetic and passion for creating art and design. My creative work encompasses vivid colour, light and shade, movement, reflection and translucency.

All pieces are handmade and uniquely produced on glass. The images are created by burning inks to produce designs that are completely one of a kind. My work is uniquely raw and constantly evolving in a contrast to the world's generic reproductions.

Self taught in this medium, I strive to create affordable contemporary art decor that compliments and enhances a living space.

It is hoped my use of vivid colour not only intrigues the viewer, but also challenges their interpretation.

My influences are varied and stem from interior design concepts for both residential and commercial spaces. I also draw heavily from Melbourne and it’s people and destinations. I take inspiration from mindfulness meditation, art, food, photography, music, film, fashion, architecture when I create. 

I am available upon appointment for both residential and commercial commission pieces and love collaboratively creating pieces for clients based on their requirements.