"My first piece! I love so much which inspired me to buy more at the moment it is blending in nicely as part of my office Christmas decorations."


"This piece i bought for my assistant because she loved my piece so much, i also showed her your website & she just absolutely gushed about her “salmon piece” so i bought it for her(along with another piece for me) & it just brightens her otherwise dull/plain office wall! I see her gaze at it throughout her work day."​​ - Sean

 "I had enquired if Corey would make something for me that was subtle and transparent. Something soft and pastel. What he created for me was beautiful and subtle. He worked with my requirements and made art that guests compliment regularly. Thank you Corey. I look forward to getting more of your work in the future." - Julie


"Corey made this piece especially for me. We discussed colours and patterns and he went away and put it together. When he came to deliver the finished product I couldn’t believe how perfectly he captured my individual style and personality. I love it so much, the colours and overall design are perfect. I find myself getting lost gazing at this for hours with not even realising. It brings me joy and I’m proud to have it as a focus in my home." - Cara


"Original art piece creation by @kbycl thanks for my lovely gift. - j.e.s.s_k."


"This is my personal favourite (so far) with Corey’s pieces i love the versatility of them as with art it is mood dependant & as shown sometimes the mood strikes to have my piece outside on my apartment balcony as the light plays over it throughout the day it brings out different features then of course indoors when that mood strikes!
Thanks Corey i love your range i can enjoy them both at work in my office & at home."